Top 5 Benefits of a Hyperscale Data Center

The growing importance of data analytics and cloud - the result of big data coming from ubiquitously networked end-user devices and IoE alike - has added to the value and growth of data centers. Furthermore, the increasing need around resources from the business perspective has led to the development of powerful cloud data centers called hyperscale data centers. This is why, according to Cisco, they will represent 47% of all installed data center servers by 2020. In other words, they will account for 83% of the public cloud server installed base in 2020 and 86% of public cloud workloads.

Today, hyperscale cloud operators are increasingly dominating the cloud landscape. But, it's important to understand why and the business drivers behind this growth around hyperscale data center operators. Consider these five benefits and strategies when working with hyperscale data center environments.

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