CyberArk Labs - Analyzing Ransomware and Potential Mitigation Strategies

CyberArk Labs blocked 100% of the ransomware tested across 157,000 samples. How? By greylisting unknown applications, creating policies to restrict access, and protecting sensitive assets inside the organization. A smart approach.

This research conducted by CyberArk Labs:
-Provides in-depth details via live lab tests conducted on more than 157,000 samples of ransomware
-Presents findings on how to prevent ransomware from spreading through your environment
-Explains how the removal of local admin rights coupled with the enforcement of application greylisting policies was 100% effective in preventing file encryption

Download the research report to learn how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager mitigates the risk of ransomware attacks.

About Endpoint Privilege Manager: Endpoint Privilege Manager secures privileges on the endpoint and contains attacks early in their lifecycle. It enables revocation of local administrator rights, while minimizing impact on user productivity, by seamlessly elevating privileges for authorized applications or tasks. Application control, with automatic policy creation, allows organizations to prevent malicious applications from executing and running unknown applications in a restricted mode. This, combined with credential theft protection, helps to prevent malware gaining a foothold and contains attacks on the endpoint.

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